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If you desire to improve educational equality and student achievement, consider joining our team. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds to help us serve students with need across the globe.

Program Leadership

Collin Funck | Founder

I am an undergraduate at Notre Dame and have a passion for improving childhood education. Pursuing a double major in biochemistry and psychology, I love helping students of all ages discover what makes them excited in the classroom. Even when students may struggle with a subject, or feel like it is not "for them," I believe that students can excel at anything if they remember that practice makes progress, not perfect.

Somé McCowan | Director

I am a school educator with expertise in PK - 12 and postsecondary education. Throughout my career I have shown a commitment to promoting equity in learning through practices that provide scholars the opportunity for equal life choices beyond school. I have been a secondary teacher, academic coordinator, school level administrator, adjunct professor, and central office coordinator, and director. I have also worked in the non-profit field as a director of public relations. As Director of Progress Point Tutoring, I am excited to contribute to the advancement and growth of our mission.

Tara Lowe | Associate Director

I am a graduate of Abilene Christian University with an M.S. in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development and worked in the higher education and non-profit industries for almost ten years. My favorite thing about working in education is developing relationships with students that expand their knowledge and improve their academic performance. I am passionate about helping students decide and plan for their future careers and college goals. It's an important decision for many students who receive academic services. Additionally, I work in academic research regarding Gen Z students. I am thrilled to be part of Progress Point Tutoring, and I hope to provide excellent services to students and tutors.

Admissions & Outreach

Savannah Vetterly | Admissions Counselor

I am an undergraduate at Notre Dame majoring in applied mathematics and statistics with a pre-med track. When I think about some of the most influential people in my life, my teachers quickly come to mind. Sure, they taught me the curriculum in order to succeed, but what's more is that they taught me to ask for help along the way. They believed in me no matter what. This is why I'm so passionate about tutoring. All students deserve the tools to succeed and the confidence to know they can.

Melat Mergia | Admissions Counselor & Progress Coach

I have my bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in sociology from Northern Arizona University. I’m passionate about human behavior and interactions, as well as how that’s related to society. In college, I was interested in community and developmental psychology; as such, most of my work was in those fields. I’m excited to be part of a team that’s doing a fantastic job creating a platform that provides free tutoring to all who need it.

Jennifer Suffoletto | Admissions Ambassador

I am excited to be a part of the Progress Point Tutoring team. I worked in the aerospace and defense industry as a financial analyst and an auditor and am now a mother of three. I taught Intro to Corporate Finance to undergraduate students while working on my MBA. I believe there are many ways to learn and feel passionate that every student should have the opportunity to explore the way they learn best so that they can succeed.

Abraham Ortiz | Hispanic Communities Outreach Manager

I am a junior studying mechanical engineering at Notre Dame and am originally from Southern California. I love to read, play soccer, and watch movies. I joined Progress Point Tutoring because I wanted to help students with a similar background as me obtain the tutoring they deserve.

Omar Magallanes | Hispanic Communities Outreach Officer

I am a current undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame studying neuroscience and behavior & Latino studies on a premed track. I am originally from the Chicago metro area but have also lived and studied in Mexico. My current interests include medicine, reading about the biology behind human behavior, working with the Hispanic community, and assisting students achieve their academic goals via tutoring. I am passionate about Progress Point Tutoring because I believe it is important to provide students of all ages with the necessary skills to flourish and thrive in their academic endeavors regardless of their background.

Amber Johnson | Social Media Manager

I’m grateful to be a part of the Progress Point Tutoring team, and I’m excited to work with everyone from different walks of life. I’m experienced in business as well as marketing. My interests include reading, watching movies, lazy days and exercising.

Records & Communications

David Fletcher | Records Manager

I am an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame pursuing a degree in both biochemistry and psychology. As a member of Progress Point Tutoring, I strive to help any student that reaches out; together, we can make meaningful progress in their academic endeavors.

Monet Sanders | Communications Associate

I am a sophomore studying paralegal studies at Generations College. As a Communications Associate for Progress Point Tutoring, I strive to be the bridge of communication between tutors and students. It is my responsibility to help students and tutors through these unprecedented times and the challenges of adversity.

Allyssa Wright | Records Associate

My name is Allyssa Wright, and I am high school student happy to be a new member of Progress Point Tutoring. I am passionate about helping my community and making others around me happy everyday. One of my favorite quotes is “Part of being a person is about helping others” by Regis Murayi.

Education & Development

Natalie Waschbusch | Tutor Training Manager

I am a junior at the University of Notre dame majoring in biochemistry with a concentration in neuroscience and a minor in data science. I am passionate about working at Progress Point Tutoring because I have worked as a teaching assistant and a tutor and have seen the difference help can make. I am excited to be part of a team that provides extra help to any student in need.

Kinga Whitley | Tutor Training Officer

With over 12 years of teaching experience from the U.K., I am proud to be part of the Progress Point Tutoring team where I support and guide tutors in delivering a high-quality tutoring experience for all. I believe that every child is entitled to outstanding and creative teaching. It is important to give students the tools, strategies and confidence in order to meet their full potential.

Brett Chosewood | Tutor Training Officer

It is such an honor to be a part of this team. I have taught both locally, abroad, and online. In addition, I also have extensive experience in human resources, writing, reading, editing, and communications. Each student is unique, and nothing makes me happier than helping my students achieve their goals. I want to be a valuable resource in the lives of those I can help, using my experience as a student and as a teacher. Furthermore, I want to be an aid in whatever they want to achieve. Nothing makes me feel prouder than seeing my students succeed. They teach me as much as I teach them. We learn together!

Katie Sargent | Progress Coach Manager

I am excited to join everyone here at Progress Point. I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and received my Bachelor’s in Special Education from the University of Dayton. After graduation, I spent 2 ½ years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kazakhstan where I worked with a local school developing an inclusive education program. After my service, I worked as a special education teacher in Hawaii and Nashville, working with students with a wide range of disabilities. I recently received my PhD in special education from Vanderbilt University with a focus on teaching reading in the content areas to struggling readers. My life’s goal is to help as many students as possible, with a focus on those who struggle the most.

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