Make An Impact

Progress Point Tutors help bridge the financial gap in education. Student success is what we do best, and our tutors take that commitment seriously. Check out some tutor FAQs below.

What subjects can I tutor?

Our tutors help students in many subjects, from math & science to the humanities & college prep. We always invite qualified tutors to offer new subjects for our students on their application.

How do I apply?

Simply fill out an application form on the Apply To Tutor page. We also encourage prospective applicants to review core application requirements before applying.

Do I need any supporting documents?

You must submit proof of good academic standing in the subject(s) you would like to tutor. Visit the apply to tutor page to learn more.

Is there a long-term commitment?

All positions for Progress Point Tutoring are strictly volunteer-based, so you will never be paid and there is no commitment. Tutors set their own hours and have flexible scheduling, and we encourage them to count their hours towards community service.

When can I begin tutoring?

If accepted, you will be invited to begin your training as a Progress Point Tutor. Upon completion of 4 training sessions, you are ready to be matched with a student if one is available for you.

How does tutoring work?

All lessons are hosted on Zoom and tutors submit logs following lessons. Sound simple? That's the way we think education should be.

Can I get a log of my hours?

Absolutely! If you would like a log of your time spent tutoring, please contact

Does my training count as volunteer hours?

Yes! Whenever you donate your time to help our mission, you accumulate credible hours toward volunteering.