Learning Made Simple

We don't like complicated. Instead, we strive to make our services as simple as possible for students. Check out some student FAQs below.

Do I qualify to register?

Our mission is to help K-12 students with need receive free online tutoring. Need includes financial burden, travel constraints, limited community access, or any other relevant barrier such as changing homes or family loss. Also, the student must meet one of 3 criteria: seeking help for a current class, preparing for a standardized test, or guidance in college admissions. We do not provide tutoring to students trying to learn a subject for interest outside of school or prepare for a class not yet taken.

What subjects do you offer?

We tutor K-12 students in math, science, social sciences, humanities, and college-bound prep. Make sure to check out our full list of subjects on the registration form.

How do I register?

Simply fill out the registration form on our register page.

Do I need parental permission?

If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must complete the consent form during registration. If you are older than 18, you still must complete this consent form.

When can I begin tutoring?

Once your registration form is complete, you will receive an email from our team to schedule your welcome orientation. Your tutor will email you within 2 weeks of your welcome orientation if one is available for you.

How does tutoring work?

All lessons will be hosted via Zoom, an online meeting platform, and you are encouraged to have a parent or guardian present during the lesson. You and your tutor schedule lessons that work for best for your schedule, so there is flexibility and no time commitment.

Can I get a log of my hours?

Absolutely! If you or your parent would like a log of your time spent with your tutor, please contact info@progresspointtutoring.org.

What if your program does not work for me?

Your progress is our goal. If we cannot best help a student, we will work with the family to find a suitable tutor from a partner organization. We also provide recommendations for families interested in learning more about learning differences and meeting with families to discuss student progress.